2A, 3A, 4A, or 5A

So I have been yoyoing for about 2 months and I am taking a break from 1a. I started 5a a little while back but I can only do up to before butterfly on this website. so what should I try next?


It’s impressive, rare, and awesome! :o

i say stick with 5a, and get good at it ;D

I’m starting 5a like 2 days ago and it ownz…

im big on 2a i rarely practice 1a cause 2a is so much fun (1a right now cause my friction stickers on my speed beetle wore out im sad now)

I found doing 1A for a while and going to 2A is easer, for some reason when you are praticing you throw for 1A makes your throw more controlled and that helps with 2A play. I am beginning to love the 2A play. It is nice to have a break from 1A or maby I’m not that good at 1A ::slight_smile: Any 2A is the way to go.