Does colored string affect play at all?

Hey guys, I’m looking to pick up some slick 6 50/50 in bulk, but yoyonation only has yellow in stock.

Does the fact that it is colored affect the play at all?  Will I notice a different between white and yellow, aside from the color?

Probably not, but some colors can affect play with string visibility and such.

Play wise,no.
But colored string dont last as long.

The process of dyeing the strings actually weakens the thread a bit, I found this out a while back from when I was learning to make strings.

White plain strings of different blends are best.

Play wise though, it wont affect play one bit.

Colored strings do show up better though in play!

Good luck!

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Andre has some Slick 6 strings in stock here:

Agreed. For the sake of the yoyoexpert shop, please dont link products to other stores that are carried here.

I like using colored string. Its vibrant and a good way to know when to replace strings. I usually replace mine when my yellow string turns green.