Does Brain Lube go bad?


Needed to track down something to increase the response on my alleycat today and came across an OLD tube of Yomega Brain Lube. I mean ooooolllllllddddd. This thing could be over a decade old. Heck, it MIGHT be two decades old.

Anyway, it’s a little cloudy and “lumpy” (like, the air bubble moved through some of it more slowly than others). So I’m wondering if it’s somehow gone bad. Can yoyo oil actually go bad? I know cooking oil can go bad from a taste standpoint, but I’m not sure if that affects the “oil” properties as far as yoyoing is concerned.

The smart answer is probably to walk to the hardware store and pick up another tube for a couple bucks. But since I’ve got this tube sitting here I figured I’d ask the collective brain trust.


I don’t think so. I still use a tube that is around 20 years old. Have 3 more in the package that are that old or older. But I’ve always capped it when I’m done.

I wouldn’t think there would be any problem using it.


i haven’t tasted mine lately, but i noticed it has seperated in storage, a minute or so of tilting it back and forth and shaking it got it mixed back up and it seems to be fine.


I’ve got some 12-15 years old and it’s still good. It’s a synthetic oil so I don’t think it goes bad like cooking oil.


Thank you all!