Does anyone know what happened to the website???????

I would more than appreciate hearing about what’s up with them this time. Thanks!!

Well, hopefully there’s no way to place an order as they don’t seem to get filled. The first time I got any response on my order was when I started a paypal dispute. Then the response was to lie and say my order would ship out the following week. 2 weeks later, no order received and I was at the time limit for escalating the dispute. Thankfully paypal decided in my favor and I got my money back. This all occurred around february-march 2012, can’t imagine things will quickly turn around.

I really hate seeing these posts…

I’m sorry to say that I have an order I placed last October 21st !! I have not seen nor heard a thing since.

It was but a mere $15.00, but I still hate the idea of not responding at all to someone who sends you money.

Pity…I really liked those strings too.