Uh oh! I think we exploded the store from National YoYo Day purchases!

I’ve been trying to check the status of my order, because for some reason, YYE and Paypal, at least regarding my purchases, haven’t been playing nice together. So, at least right now, the store ain’t coming up.

Did we all break it with the 15% off orders using the promo code?

I know the YYE folks are working hard to get this restored as soon as possible. Speedy recovery, as I will be buying something else next month!

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It seems like so.
But I missed National Yoyo Day! :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
I want 15% off and a Hyper yoyo keychain so bad!


My bro ordered a yo-yo. :smiley:

Yes I think the store exploded because the computer keeping track of all the orders spontaneously combusted due to all of them… :stuck_out_tongue:
I usually get the shipping emails right away too but so far I haven’t gotten one so they probably got swamped with orders. It’s alright though I know they are trying their best to keep up.

its fixed. for me at least

No problems here.

Yeah, my dad got really mad from that. Said the site sucked. Don’t think he realized the mass amount of orders being placed.

It’s working fine now, at least what I can see.

Either way, thanks to YYE for the discount yesterday and thanks for the store being back up and running again. I also checked my order status and it shows not paid, but that’s probably some temporary error between your order system and Paypal. If not resolved soon, I’ll pop a friendly email over to help get it all fixed up

Side note: Nice seeing the YYE team at BAC. The names, faces, emails and what-not, all being able to be tied to a real person is always a nice thing!

I paid last night abot 10 PST. PayPal says I paid but YYE says I have not paid yet. I just hope they ship today.

Yep, I did. The Speed Dial, to be exact

I hope it doesn’t take long…
And YoyoExpert Actually worked for me!

I ordered at 11:30 pm EST, which is 30 minutes before the sale ended. It worked fine for me. I got the email confirmation immediately.

That’s the boat I am in. I need ONE of those items before Friday. The rest I couldn’t care when they arrive!

Sorry about the site being down - unfortunately had nothing to do with us actually - but random server problems (nothing to do with yesterday’s sale). No worries though - we were busy all day packing everyones orders - email confirmations going out within the half hour.

@Limited Supination - you are all set - we double checked.


Thanks YYE

It was all good for my bro and me!

Thanks!!! Yes I just got the Email- SHIPPED

Yeah, Thanks YYE! I recently got the email too!