Does anyone know how to make a proyo a better looper?

I think the title says it all, i do know the string tension thing how tighter the string tension the more responsive it is but is there another way?

Throw it away and buy a loop 900 is a GREAT mod.

Seriously though, just use normal string tension. Take off the caps and try to find something round that fits evenly around the iner lip; do this on both sides to add weight, thus making it loop better.

Play it how it is the proyo is my favorite looper

I have 2 stock proyo’s for looping and two wooden YYF legends. Of course, I am quite terrible at 2a (can’t get more than 4 loops before they get out of control) so either way, I’m going to say practice practice practice.

Had two YYF 720’s but traded them off since i am terrible.

Rub the yoyo really hard. When the genie comes out and grants you your one wish, wish for a YYJ Unleashed.

Or is that Aladdin… I forget. It’s been a long day!

You make it better by practicing with it every day.

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actually over using it may burn out the spool in which case it will play worse. I would practice with it everyday but be ready to replace the spool. By the way how old is it? Could you have over tightened it or burnt the spool already? I know I’ve picked up old proyos with both of these problems and they played horrible

I’ve never had a problem w/the spools on any fixed axle yoyo.

Rub a little surfboard wax (hard to find in Missouri) on the tip of your string and it will coat the axle and prevent burnout. Burnout is not hard to get if you throw fast sleepers, but shouldn’t be a problem with loopers, nor should you wax wood axle loopers. I learned two handed loops on proyos, they are great, no mod needed. If string tension is a problem put a hitch in it (double loop the string around the axle). Proyos loop much slower than most bearing yo-yo’s - great for learning, but not the best for today’s style of high-speed looping.

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A bit of paraffin wax works nicely too.
(for those of us far from surf country)