Does anybody actually like the ding sound?

(rizkiyoist) #1

I don’t know, I just like the ding sound when a yoyo hits something. Every yoyo has their unique dinging sound, the harder it hits something, the better sound it produces. Different materials being hit and dinging direction also plays a role to the overall “soul” of the sound.
The thing is, I don’t like to purposely ding my own yoyos…
Am I the only one who enjoy the beauty of the ding?

(Owen) #2


best noise ever


It really depends in the ding and in the Yoyo. Some yoyos sound amazing, while some have very sharp, piercing noises.

Also, hitting the YoYo on the floor and hitting it with a fast moving counterweight are two very different things.

(SR) #4

I cringe when I hear a ding.


I feel like a piece of my heart breaks off when I hear a ding…

(rizkiyoist) #6

I think the winning sound so far is from Augie’s video when he did skyrocket up in the air and hit the asphalt road very hard. It felt like my heart is crushed lol.


I like to hear it when I am practicing 3A but not very enjoyable any other time.


Depends from what point of view we’re talking about.

From the perspective of someone who also yoyos, I hate this sound. It’s like “whenever a bell rings, an angle gets its wings”, whenever a yoyo dings, a thrower “dies a little inside”. I know that some kid’s hard earned money and/or a much beloved yoyo has taken damage. I dislike it.

From the perspective of a professional audio engineer, I am amazed at the variety of dings. While none are low pitched, none seem to have the piercing sound that can accompany hand bells of similar size, or other small hand bells. Many have a clean ring. These clean rings occur when two yoyos collide, especially with 3A. You can usually tell how properly the set is matched by the clarity of the sound. Often there is a little bit of an frequency shift(listen for the sound to shift up or down). Other times, the tone is not so pure. The “klonk” of when it hits the deck often causes a secondary vibration to go through the yoyo, and you can hear the warble in the sound. You ca tell also tell when someone hits themselves. This is usually my area, but I usually hit myself in the hand. The tone is very dull and short. When throwing with Roy over the weekend, he hit himself right on the area where the brow meets the outer eye socket…bong/bong. Not a pleasant sound either way.

I would love to record these sounds for a samples library and artistic purposes. However, I have an issue with having to intentionally damage equipment to obtain such material. But if I were to do this kind of a project, I wouldn’t just be going after ding sounds, I’d be gong after spinning sounds too. At SacAnime, we were playing with mics and noisy yoyos. Man, the Madhouse Epic sounds extra nasty going through a mic and large amounts of amplification. The variety of sounds made through spin speeds, yoyo shapes, bearings. Stacks just spinning and syncing up with the yoyo, stacks grabbed and those bearings. This can bring a whole new concept towards “tuning a yoyo”.


only when it’s someone else’s yoyo.


I like the ding of a CW hit, but what I really love is the ring that some yoyos have when you bind. It’s basically the best thing ever.


I like the way you can feel the yoyo through the string. especially with tight binds

(WildCat23) #12

Yes, the binding ring is awesome!


That’s the first thing I noticed when I got my first metal yoyo. Love that sound.