Do you yo-yo in public, have you ever met anyone else throwing in public?

(Christopher Dougherty) #41

Hahaha I am 37 and I yoyo in public constantly. Some of the looks I get are priceless!! I usually carry my heist around with me when I’m out cause it’s small


In May I am going to Illinois to visit my sister and brother and whenever I speak with them on the phone I mention yoyos. I am scared about even taking a yoyo out of my bag when I go out there because I do not want to screw up. I don’t want to show off either. I’ll be a lot better by then but still…


That takes guts.

(Christopher Dougherty) #44

Haha, I think it’s great, some ppl look at me like I’m from Mars, others get a kick out of it, I don’t look or act 37, i do what I need to do in life, responsibility blah blah hahaha, I like to have fun,

(Christopher Dougherty) #45

I’ll be throwing around the world’s in target and shop rite hahaha


I’d be careful!


Yeah same the looks are funny

(Jolien Tomme) #48

I often yo-yo in the train station. I l like the looks i get from the people. Like 'wow, you can do that with a yo-yo? ’ it took me 2 years to overcome the fear, of yo-yoing in public! Now, i still have a bit of fear. But if i start, the fear melts away, and i give a little show!

I’ve never met any other yo-yoer in public, sadly.

(Joshua) #49

Yes. When my throw hand gets to itching, I hide like Its sin in back streets,corners, cubbies, bathrooms… I’ve never met another thrower. I reckon it’s because I’m doing a good job on the first one (unseen).

It’s nice discovering a thriving hub if you keep looking and going deeper. Like the forums here.

(David ) #50

I yoyo all the time while shopping with the Mrs. Not only do I stay out of her hair , the kiddos around get curious and actually look away from their tech toys. Many a Duncan Imperial have I given away to hopefully new enthusiasts.


I live in a smaller town of 15,000. And people have told me for a couple years they see a guy around town also yoyoing. Went to an appointment and the doctor said he had a patient who was also yoyoing. I’ve never seen him.

(r/Throwers Mod.) #52

I’ve never had the pleasure to be next/near any other yoyoer in the same room/area. Every single yoyo related interaction i’ve had has been online. I’ve thrown in public only a few times and it’s funny how easily amazed people are. But you have to be careful because advanced yoyoing becomes very repetitive to untrained eyes. That’s why i always keep my follow/laceration combos fresh, because that’s what looks the most impressive for non-yoyoers, along with hops, fronstyle and braintwister combos.

(Jordan Blofeld) #53

I yoyo in public a lot. I was at a yoyo meet in London and because it’s England, it was very cold so I stopped into a coffee shop for a hot chocolate. I was yoyoing while I was waiting and one of the baristas asked to borrow the yoyo. He proceeded to do a bunch of old hourglass tech perfectly with it. I was dead impressed. I gave him my card and told him to contact me, he never did.

Everyone else was waiting outside for me to get my drink, they came in near the end and caught a bit of his playing, they were also enthused. Was a great thing to see happen.


I’ve started wearing a yoyo on my belt when I go out on the regular. Trying to get more local throwers to come out of the woodwork for local meetups. So I wear it around in hopes people will notice. I consider myself mediocre at best, but the general public is seriously impressed by the most basic stuff. In fact if you can shred, you will most likely be frustrated that nobody cares about your techy stuff, but some simple tricks with large movements or uniqueness like slack makes for happy people watching! You don’t have to be “good” to yoyo in public!

Also today at the optometrist, the receptionist was a young gal and was asking me about the yoyo on my belt, wanted info about where she could get one, and gave me the opportunity to point her here to YYE. Gave her recommendation to check out a First Base or Hot Diggity (my personal plastic and metal first timer recommendations) and pointed her to a trick site.

It’s fun to spread the fun!


Agreed with the above, comp tech is overwhelming to the untrained eye - big flow-y tricks are definitely the flavor of throwing that gets the most praise from an outsider’s perspective.

Part of this is the reason I have stayed away from very intricate string tricks - I get joy from sharing my tricks with my non-yoyo friends/family and I know they gravitate towards those “big” tricks!


That’s how John Higby is able to have his own show. Your non yoyo folks get more from watching him knock cups over or coin off ear looping because they can understand what they are seeing. I understand that… can you walk the dog?


My optometrist literally asked me if I can “do that thing where the yoyo swings through the triangle”…

He was talking about Rock The Baby! Then he honest to god asked if I can Walk The Dog!

Yoyo in public people! Let’s get them to know Kwijibo!!!


Person: “can you do that thing where you land it on the string a bunch?”

You: “kwijibo?”

Person: “YA!”

You: does kwijibo

Person: “can you walk the dog?”