Do you use classic tricks in shows?

Do you use the classic tricks such as rock the baby? Because the complex tricks such as what Jensen Kimmitt did in the YoYo Factory Superstar Video might not be entertaining to the average person who dosen’t like seeing string tricks like that.I prefer picture tricks.

Well what do you define as a show? if you mean like a talent show or something like that I would do some simple tricks that people can relate to like walk the dog ect. but I would also do my more complex combos. If you are trying to impress people you should do things that they can understand but can’t do. In a yoyo competition I would just do combos.

As in a presentation to someone completley clueless when it comes to yoyo’s.

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Well, what I do is start out with some lame old trick, then they get bored, and then do modern string tricks and their blown away. 8) O0

In a show? Like a demo?
i do simple picture trick. People can instantly understand what i’m doing. Complex string trick won’t have the same effect.
but doing a complex string trick that end on a tower sometimes work too.

Old shool tricks to warm them up. Then I blow them away.

You don’t have to do overly simple tricks, but you want to keep it fairly simple and have some showmanship. Check out the guy below. He does fairly simple tricks, for the most part, but makes them look enjoyable and flashy. This is what an audience likes to see.

or check out Ben and Pat. Again fairly simple tricks, but they make them fun for the average person.!