Do you think you have more or less than the average amount of yoyos per yoyoer?


For example, let’s say you have twenty yoyos. Do you think that’s less than the average per yoyoer? I would say so. I personally have very few yoyos (for a yoyoer) so I’d say less.


Now you’re predisposing people to think that 20 is less than average. :wink:


Personally I have a case with 12 spots

Im quite content with filling only those 12 spots with yoyos I really love

Ive found if I have any more they dont get played :frowning:
And thats why I yoyo!

So I think I have less than average but I dont want anymore!

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yeah i probably have more… probably.

LOVE that mingus quote @doublebass


Like to see where this goes.
If everyone says they have more than the average, I guess everyone is average afterall


Perhaps the poll should be a count instead of a yes/no.

do you have 1 to 3




over 20

average is not a given here so…



I’ve been playing for about 9 years and have 20 - 25 yoyos…which means I get just over 2 a year. That’s probably below average.


Remember this doesn’t refer to just good yoyos but all your bad yoyos too.


Definitely would like to see a numerical poll, though I’d say the highest bracket should be more than “over 20.” Maybe [1], [2-5], [6-10], [11-20], [21-50], [51-100] [100-8999], [Over 9000].

Also, I can’t help but notice that the results of the current poll are 50/50. Let’s hear it for realistic estimations!

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I must say that I find yoyoers to be anything but average. So when you ask if I have more yoyos than the average yoyoer, that’s like asking if I have more than the man in the moon, or the lochness monster, or maybe even the x-men. Therefore I must have more than the average yoyoer as the average yoyer is a mythical being that doesn’t exist. Now if I had more yoyos than myself that would be something to brag about. :wink: I’m so confused now. ::slight_smile:


I find it interesting that its about 50/50 for above/below average


Around 10 but I only play with 3 or 4.


I have 8 and 1 in the mail.


Are we talking how many yoyos I own currently or how many I have owned altogether? Because those are both very different numbers. I currently have probably in the range of 50. I bet I have owned near a 1000 though.


In my own head, the average “yo-yoer” has 24 yo-yos. I choose the number 24, because I would consider a person a yo-yoer, when they would identify themselves as someone who yo-yos on a regular basis, or they have acquired enough skill (sufficient in their own mind) to identify a such. By that time, they usually have about 24 throws around. That includes even the imperial, wood, gifts, all things they bought or traded for. Even the guy who shows off his 12 yo-yo case and keeps a small collection, probably has another 12 cheapies in a drawer somewhere. So, in my mind, the number 24 is the magic number. That’s not much different than the number you used in your example. I think the average for those on the forum would be a bit higher though.

So, sticking to 24, I believe I have more than the average. If I created a number poll, it would look like this:

1 - 50 (I would guess that the vast majority of yoyoers would be here)

51 - 100 (some people, but not many)

over 100 (a lot less people would be here)


lol, I currently have 9 yoyos, among which there is only 1 metal yoyo…
But that’s a Draupnir, so I have this going for me, which is nice :slight_smile:


i have about 17 yoyos which i have less than everyone else and a good 5 of them i dont really use.


your plastics aren’t all that bad. I mean the addiction makes up for a lot of it.


Of course, all the Addiction, the new Diffusion and the Crazy D are very efficient and I have a lot of fun playing with my Speedaholic, my OG Diffusions or the OG Speeders every now and then. But the cold of the metal and this sensation of performance emanating from the Draupnir are somehow arousing ;D


I have 5, but I’ve only been throwing for about a month…so I can eventually see myself in the 20+ range.