Do you suffer from eightypercentitus?


I have a real problem here with my yoyoing.

There are a great many tricks that I can do about 80% of and I just can’t seem to complete the last maneuver… It is a pain in the backside.

Here are just a few:

Organic Airbags
Color 9
Tressley’s Capris
Woo Hoo
Golden Elephant

There’s more. But it’s even worse than this. Even some of MY OWN tricks this happens with. I have all the moves planned but even the last two I can’t do.

It’s enough to drive me nuts. Lol


All of Riccardo’s tricks. I learned his new one in about twenty minutes but still can’t figure out the end.


Absolutely! There is one of my own combos/ tricks that it took me forever to be able to figure out how to do the ending. Got it the first time and then 1 out of every 10 times after…


Yeah, happens to me with music too. There seems to always be those sections that give me a rough time even if I breeze through the rest.

It would probably happen to me more in yoing if I worked on learning more tricks instead of just noodling around so much, but I’d probably improve a lot too!

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Can’t do like… absolutely can’t or just missed a lot?


Yup, I find that I learn a trick and it gets to that 80% mode. Then I just do the same trick a few dozen times a day for . . . a long time . . . until it starts to get smooth. I’m not sure why it happens, but I’m with you.


Happened with Classic Yuuki Concepts…finally I decided to finish the trick out my own way. I tend to do this with others that I learn as well, just so I don’t feel that 80%-itus :slight_smile:


Normally if I’m learning someone else’s trick I’m only interested in one concept of the trick so I don’t bother with the other 60% anyway though in some cases (mostly Riccardo’s tricks) I want to learn the whole thing but just can’t get past one particular block in the trick.

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Hey guys I feel like every trick tutorial is done just as a guide…we are all individuals and all do things a little differently…that makes us human…a species of infinite originals…we may be able to do it just like that tutorial…but most of us do it jus a little differently…that does not make you an 80%r…do your own thing!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle…


in a different form i cant bring the success rate of any trick over 80 percent

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I think that eightypercentitus in all of its forms are fairly common. The other common condition being Look Dad Syndrome, where you can nail a trick precisely until the moment when you decide to show someone.


This is actually how I’ve been looking at trick tutorials for the past 7 months - had decided not to sweat it if I can’t learn one’s entire trick. Half the time I cherrypick something I think looks cool from it, stop the tutorial, try that particular segment, and build off of that (or find alternates to get into it)…and then a new trick is born.

What I do hate though as said is the “Look Dad” syndrome. It gets me all the time when I can hit a trick perfectly, then I go to show a relative/friend/fellow yoyo club member and it flat out won’t happen… Also happens in front of the camera as much as I try to tune it out.


Oh boy the Look Dad Syndrome is real?.. and here i was thinking that i was the only one who turns into a total goof who cant land even a trapeze in front of someone else


In music we call it the “Red Light Syndrome”. You can play the tune perfectly until you’re in the studio (paying hundreds of dollars an hour) and the red “Recording” light comes on. Did somebody tie rubber bands around my fingers? Because suddenly, I can’t play. ;D


Just keep on practicing until you master the trick :wink:


I agree mostly. However, I think sometimes the real improvement can happen in the mastery of that last 20%.


Hi, my name is Morg, and I have eightypercentitis.