Do you have to pay to register for nats if you are seeded into semifinals?

I was just looking at the registration for nats this year and saw that it was like $90.
I got 5th at my regionals and am seeded into semifinals.

Just wondering what to do…


Of course

There are only prelims and finals this year. You would be in prelims, like me. You do still have to pay, though. Sorry :smiley:

Yeah. I thought the same thing when I was seeded to semis this year but I looked at the schedule and yeah. Still gotta pay 90 bucks. Kinda lame tbh.

Those prices are ridiculous. I’m entering three divisions and so is Philip. $540??!!!?? Huh?

Oh my

Stuart, I know you’ve been to Nats before. Have the prices been this high before this year?

Not even close. It’s a really good thing we’re sponsored.

I bet you it has to do with the location change.


So the seeded players don’t get any advantage from the people who petition into prelims?

And how many players get into finals?

Other than the fact that they don’t have to petition? Nope

15ish end up in finals, counting those seeded to finals

So Just a 1min and a 3min?

Costs have skyrocketed for the event due to the venue change, and sponsorships are down. Unfortunately this puts a greater burden on the players. :frowning:


Has sponsorship information even been sent out?

Guess so. Suggestion: 1a prelims are really hard to get past, so practice your prelim a lot more often than your final.

I figured that

I don’t even plan on making a final until really close to event day. I qualified in the last place from SEC and I am just focusing on prelims.

So does that mean there are going to less people?

state champs and top 5 people from the region already qualify for regular 1a. If you aren’t, then you do sport 1a so yeah. Less people. I really want to do my 3 minute. So pumped for regular 1a. Sport 1a people do 2 minute performances

Yes. If you haven’t received it, please email

Since we are now seeding from State contests as well, we’re going to be doing away with the petitions except in very extraordinary circumstances. To my knowledge, we have only accepted one petition this year.