How many days....

How many days does US Nationals last? It starts the first Saturday in October, right?


Yes, and it is just one day. Over by sundown on Saturday night.

One day


Thanks for all of the info! Does it cost anything to get in?

No, nats is in a park, so it is free to get into, but not to compete. Other than that worlds is the only other contest that I’ve heard of that costs money to enter.

So, I was with a couple friends at nationals, I had to leave early and I told them I would see them at the club next sat. When I got to the club, my friend said he bought a yomega glide for $13 from a homeless guy cuz the guy found it on the ground lol.

My parents actually really enjoyed watching, they only watched like 10 min cuz try had to go, but my dad said he will take a day off to watch with me and my mom.

Actually, a lot of the state and regional contests have a fee to enter.

How much is nats?

Please read the message RIGHT ABOVE YOURS

Prices can change yearly, as do costs for most things.

This year (2013 Nationals) they had an entry fee, and it was $5.
I know because I entered.
Years before 2007 - 2012 (the years Ive been competing at Nationals) its been free.

They should make Nats a two day event. It would be so much better.

Uh…I did.

Honestly, it has to be said.
OVER 9000!!!

umm, well there we have it folks.