whats should i expect at nationals?


its my first time visiting a competition. definitely not competing though :stuck_out_tongue:


You should expect to have a lot of fun and meet some pretty cool guys. Bring some cash too, because there is so much to buy!


Bring your Yoyo there’s lots of pros there to learn from and talk to some people and have a good time


Nationals is my favorite yoyo competition. Theres a lot to do. And Chico is pretty cool.
Theres lots of vendors, a big stage, great people and great yoyoing. Bring a lot of money. You will spend it.


well $100 be adequate?

(SR) #6

no lol


lol how much? not sure if mah parents will let me bring more than that :smiley:


studio42 :smiley: ???


Contests are a blast, never been to nats, but pnws was always a good time. Everyone is really friendly, and those who are more knowledgeable want to teach you, and those that are less knowledgeable want to learn from you, its great.



I’m not saying how much I’m bringing. It’s bad enough you guys are gonna be stalking me and my cases of yoyos I ain’t selling or trading. What, now you want to know how much I’m gonna have on me?

(Sorry for the lateness. Had an urgent project I got done today. Worth the effort!)

On a serious note: You know how much these yoyos sell for. You may or may not be able to get “cool steals on deals”. For example, if YYJ has a booth, you can expect “regular YYE-type prices” without the sales tax probably. RecRev seems to sell on the low. YYF sells B-grades cheap, and trust me, these are good deals! Not sure who else is selling. I know how much I’m bringing, and I’m gonna buy stuff for at least one of my kids, maybe 2. I may also be floating some cash to a friend so he has spending money on the day as well.

ALSO, tips:
I will be carrying a list of throws I have, and a list of throws I want, WITH prices. This way I know if I’m getting a deal or not, and if it’s not on my wants list, I can see if it’s on my "already got it " list.

I’ll probably also be carrying a binder with my YYE trading cards. I have a set to keep pretty, a set for signing(has a few missing) and a bunch of duplicates for trading and giving away. Chances are my list will be there!


You will have a great time at the contest. Everyone in the yoyo community is very welcoming and willing to talk and teach tricks. Hope you have fun.


i was wondering if i could get a b grade mvp 2 for a low price, like $30? otherwise, yeah, ill TRY to bring at least $200. i might just cry if i miss out on good deals!


YoYoFactory will have a booth.

Come say Hello ;D


You bet!

I doubt the deals will be that good, but they might be insane. I got a B-grade MVP for $50 and it plays ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

If I like what a few YYF’s play like(MVP2 and the Avante Gardes), I may consider B-grades of those if available.


I wish I had money, oh well…
Any one have a schedule for the NATS?


Schedule probably won’t be posted until a week before(or any day now).

Don’t let not having money prevent you from going. It just means you probably can’t BUY anything. You can probably sell or trade. Or just hang out and have a good time in a fun environment. My focus this time is enjoying the event. Buying is secondary. Learning, teaching, and having fun is my primary focus.