should I buy a yoyo at nationals, or just buy it anywhaere?


Hey guys, I’ve never been to any yoyo contests, i have no idea what to expect… Anyway, my first one will be nationals. I was wondering, if i buy a yoyo from nationals,will the be discounted? Or like special (rare) or something? Or is there really no difference between buying or from nationals and buying it from somewhere else? Thanks.


It’s about the same, I got my cascade there and it was discounted.

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The companies that have stands there might discount the yoyos, the stores that have stands there usually sell them full price. There’s always deals though, so be on the look out. Nothing really rare though.


It depends on a lot of factors.

Let’s take Duncan for example. I wanted a Raptor, and they were selling the Raptor at Nationals with special caps for Nationals 2012. Price? $40. Deal? Not really.

I forget what I paid for the Freq. Wav, but I didn’t get a deal on it.

YYJ tends to be the same prices listed on the YYJ web site. Unless there’s something special about it, not really worth it.

YYE’s prices on stuff other than YYJ and YYF tend to be on par with regular shop prices minus the shipping. Deal? Maybe.

If RecRev runs a booth, we’re talking deal city. $65 stuff blown out for $40: NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!! A-grade stuff.

If YYF is selling B-grades, if you don’t mind it being marked as a B-grade(since it will cut your BST value in half), this is something I would STRONGLY encourage you to investigate. I got a Mutant DNA for $40. B-grade. 2 tiny ano flaws. Other stuff has been done this way too, but it’s first come, first served and no guarantee what will be there and IF they’ll be selling B grades.

You also have the advantage of getting new stuff/pre-release stuff. I got a Flipside for $20. OK, no deal but I was “first”, or at least “first wave”. Duncan had other goodies at discounts, like that new magnetic one. Also, the odds are in your favor of “try before you buy” and seeing the exact model you want up close, under the sun and in your hands.

For me, at Nationals, it’s about going, enjoying and buyigng


Normally at nats there are deals, and sometimes release’s, random companys have protos and such.
I wouldn’t really hold off on buying a specific yoyo, but I would plan to buy a yoyo while you are there. I know I always do. Keep in mind people bring yoyos to trade and sell as well, so there is a bst aspect to nats or any contest really.


Umm, okay, ill bring some money, do you think around $60 will be good? And jeez studio, $40 for a mutant DNA! Thats awesome… You said its kind like first come first serve, I live in Chico, so should I come a little early? Like 20 min early?

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I would bring more if you plan on getting multiple yoyos. $60 won’t get you a whole lot. Remember you don’t have to spend all of it.


Oh, im thinking about getting 1 yoyo actually :slight_smile: will I see you there?


If things are going well, I should be bringing around $500 to spend at Nationals.

Warning, if you’re planning on mugging me, DO SO early before I’ve spent it or you’re just gonna be wasting your time.

What you want to bring to spend is your issue and what you are willing to spend.

As far as first come, first serve, I can’t speak about arriving 20 minutes before the event start. If you can, then great. If not, it is what it is. I will say that YYF B-grades don’t exactly go flying off the holders all day long. If you want to buy something, see what they have. All my interactions with YYF team members and people handling their sales has been a positive experience. I bought 4 Loop 808’s from them at Nationals: 2 for me and 2 for my son. We each have a red and green one. I would see who will be a vendor and plan what you want to get.

I work off two lists:
A list of what I have(so I can avoid repeats and a reminder as to what I have)
A list of wants, so I know what to go get. This list has “MSRP”, and “retail” prices, so I can see if I’m getting a deal or not. I’ll always ask for anywhere from 5-20% off anyways. They can always say “no” and I can always choose to buy or not buy.