Top 5 yo-yos you’d buy for nationals?

(assuming) you had an unlimited budget.

What would be the top 5 or 10 yoyos you would purchase when attending nationals?

If I had an unlimited budget…

I would buy 3 dazzlers, 3 diasporas, 3 full ti lotuses and a green replay responsive

I can’t think of any, even if I have unlimited budget.

Since I make my own yoyo, I kinda lost the urge to buy more yoyo, all that caught my attention now is some older stuff, like the one from 2014 and older.

Especially with am unlimited budget I would wait till I got to nationals to make my unlimited selections.

I would buy one of everything.

Kind of a silly question; ya think?

… Then I would decide which 5 I liked best; and buy 5 each of those top five.

Then I would decide which 5 I liked second best; and I would buy 4 each of those.

Then I would decide which 5 I liked 3rd best; and I would buy 3 of each of those.

Then I would decide which 20 I liked the least; and I would buy every single one of them and crush them all with a Steamroller.

Then I would buy a few strings; I guess🤡


I would buy one extra of everything I already own, so I have backups :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d blow it all on soda pop and penny whistles


Every single yoyo I have ever loved has been discontinued.

But with unlimited budget, I could put Yoyojam back in business, right? Or at least purchase their patents.

Man-o-man…unlimited budget…you kidding me at Nationals?
I’d buy one of each type on sale! At every booth/tables…whatever…wow would that be a blast!