nationals in Chico, ca right?


So, there IS a contest in Chico, California right? Nationals or something? I’ve never been to a yoyo contest, I have no idea what happened there, like at all… Is it a big, or small contest? With there be famous throwers? Will there be vendors to buy yoyos? And if there vendors, is it like discounted yoyos, kr special edition or something? Is it super expensive? How do I buy tickets early? Sorry for askin all em questions.


yes chico

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National YoYo Contest
Chico CA

One of the largest yoyo contests there is, I mean come on, it’s Nationals.
I don’t know what you mean by “famous,” no yoyoers are famous but if you wanna think that, go ahead. (Yes, there will be, the top players in the nation).

There are always vendors at Nationals. Usually yoyo stores like YYE, YYBB will have stands there as well as certain companies like YYF, YYJ, One Drop, CLYW, and General Yo usually all have stands there where you can purchase yoyos. Theres some pretty good deals if you can find them.

The contest is entirely free to attend. No admission or anything. You can just walk right in, it’s even open to the public. So, no tickets.

That’s what people don’t seem to understand, 99% of yoyo contests are free to attend and don’t require tickets or anything, you just walk right in.


Ohhhh, cuz worlds takes lke $65 to get in, i think, so i thought nationals would take like $30 or something… Sooo excited to go, does anybody know what that secret yoyo thing at worlds is going to be?


Yes, the US national yoyo contest is in Chico, California

It’s big. One of the largest contests in the US, I believe only second to the world yoyo contest.

The best throwers from all around the country come to compete

Yes. The vendors that are there vary from year to year, but you can expect the larger companies to be there. Sometimes they offer special editions and many off B grades.

No it’s not.

It’s a little early to register, but this would be the website to go to

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Yes to everything, except you don’t have to buy tickets. It’s free to watch.