How big is nationals?

So nationals is in october. I was wondering how big of an event it is. I went to pnwr, and it was pretty small. Ive seen videos from worlds, and its pretty big. Does nationals have lots of vendors and whatnot?

Yeah, it’s pretty big. About the size of BAC and stuff. Not as big as Worlds fosho. But they have booths and stuff. It’s a fun contest, you should go.

how many days does it last?
because if it’s a one day kinda thing, I’d love to go. I live about 10 hours away via greyhound or amtrack.

I believe it is a two day contest.

where’s it at again?

you can google national yoyo contest, and one of the first few results is the official website.

It’s being held in Chico, California. right next to one of the few yoyo stores in california, bird in hand.

dang. I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to stay for both days if I can even go. :confused: thanks for the info though