Is it worth it to you?

Hey y’all. I’m 14, and hoping to get a job soon. I was thinking about saving up to go to nationals next year (across the country). It would take me a half of a year to save up the money for it. I plan to save half and spend half. If I do that, I will have the estimated amount of money to go in about a year. Is it really worth it to you?

Well it depends. How long have you been throwing?

it really depends on where your skill level is at currently. for me having essentially finished Advanced Pt2 I wouldn’t travel across the country to compete, luckily for me the Australian Nats are in my state :stuck_out_tongue: you might want to stick with a local or regional competition if you’re still learning, if you think you’re pretty good then go for it.

If its the closest contest to you and you can afford it I don’t see why not. Just because you’re at the contest doesn’t mean you have to compete (unless you wanted to). As for me I would love to go to contest one day…hoping to go to the next BAC !

Nationals is freaking awesome but I don’t know if I would save up half a year to go to it. Don’t get me wrong it great and lots of fun but personally I don’t know if I would save up all that money and use it to go to a yoyo contest. But if it’s something you really want to do, I think it’s cool you have a work ethic like that and are actually willing to save up to get to a goal you have set for yourself.

Nationals is a bit different than every other US contest. You can’t register to compete at nationals unless you placed top 5 in a regional contest (PNWR, MER, MAR, etc). If you want go to be around some of the best in the country, and hang out with a ton of other yoyoers, then it might be worth the trip. Either way it’ll be tons of fun. If you have the money, time and ability to go, DO IT!! Experiencing a big contest is a must if you are a serious thrower.

Every time my wife and I plan a trip, my wife always questions if it’s worth it. I always wait until we get home after the trip to address the question again, and 99% of the time her answer is “YES”.

I wouldn’t really say I’m still learning basic tricks, but I’m no pro. I’m past all of the yoyoexpert tutorials. I haven’t really learned a trick from them ik a long while. I mostly just make freestyles and make original tricks

I love just going to contests and meeting fellow throwers. I’ve gone to Worlds a few times. Atlanta contests (when they had them) and I may go to PNWR in Seattle in February. I won’t compete, it’s just fun.

Go to PNWR, it’s longer (2 days) and you can compete.

a place you can learn more tricks is at

Ive learned from there before. I competed in the sports division of ma states. Unfortunately, due to many mistakes, I didn’t do so well, I places 7th (I think it was)