whos enterin in worlds

me am!


dont you have to register for worlds by winning a regeonal contesT?

i am just going to watch

if you win you automaticly get signed up i think

Winning your a division in your region gets you seeded to nationals finals. Winning nationals gets you seeded to worlds finals. Anyone can go to worlds without winning anything.

if you win the reginals you get seeded to the finals but u can register

Yeah you get seeded to nationals. But at worlds you can register and enter and if you do well in your prelims you can be seeded to worlds finals

is worlds free or do u have to pay to go and watch

u have to pay for both
and I’m going
signed up already

Is there going to be a novice division in the Nationals?

how much is it

I was asking if there was going to be a novice division.

please check the site and find out

im singned up to go and watch :smiley:

:P. I wish I could go. My dad offered to take me, but I thought it was too much to ask him so I said no, :-\ :’( :’( :’( :’(

well nice job lol! i keep on asking my dad to sign up and he says ok later. he said that like 50,000,000 times. he should be signing me up to watch today

lol i got the se yoyo i bet it will be like a revolution or a protostar.

lol my dad signed me up on the last day and got me like 3 or 4 stuff

You should have said yes lol.