yoyo contests...


I am fairly new to the yoyoing “community” and i am curious about some of the competitions.

  1. to compete in the National contest do you have to be sponsored?
  2. to compete in worlds do you have to win at Nationals?
  3. are regonal competitions open to anyone that can yoyo?
    Thats about all that i can think of right now, so if you can could you please answer these questions.
    Thank you

(Jesse) #2
  1. No
  2. No
  3. Yes

Hope this helped!


Thanks, i just wasn’t sure.

(JM) #4

Just to go a little more into detail, all you have to do is register for the contest and you will be able to compete. It doesn’t matter if we are talking States, Nationals, or Worlds, you don’t have to attend one to compete in the other.


Ok that helps because all of the other sports and stuff i have done in the past you had to work your way up. Thanks!


But don’t forget, there are preliminaries. You are not going to participate in the finals with a 3 minute freestyle by registering, you need to get past the preliminaries, usually complete some tricks on a list, or a one minute freestyle.


But also remember that not all competitions (especially state comps) have prelims. Most just have the three minute freestyle.


That is not true for US Nationals. Go to nationalyoyo.org to read the qualification guidelines.