how many competions does an average yoyo person do a year and can you just show up for competion or have to be sponsered

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I’m guessing that more people don’t compete than those that do.

For most state and regional competitions you can just show up. I believe that’s the same for Worlds and Nationals, though the winners of regional comps usually get seeded to Worlds and Nationals. Being seeded means you get to skip the prelims.


2 a year so far

Nationals and Continental

but there are regional contests in some countries (USA) etc… really depends on where you are, some don’t have national contests (too few players)


5 If you count Nats, Worlds, Regonals, Bac, and 44 clash.


You can go without being sponsored except 44 clash. I go to mwc, worlds, ohio states, indiana states, illinois states, MER so I go to 6.


I mean’t sponsored players.


well actually many players get sponsored by getting there and performing.

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You can be like Brent Dillinger and go to zero, or be like Rob Kitts and go to every single regional plus worlds and nationals and Japan.

Up to you.


I know you go to Nationals, Cal State, BAC and Nationals and you’re not sponsored. I know you sometimes get some help to get there, but that brings me to my point:

You can go to as many competitions as you can afford to go to or can have arrangements made to get you there. While I don’t compete, it’s looking like I’ll be the sound company for CalStates this year, and I’m going to try to go after BAC and Nationals for the same services. I’m also socking away cash to go to Worlds(plane flight, hotel, taxi/limo to/from venue) to provide production assistance and probably run sound. I can do more if there’s ways I can provide services. Not bad, 4 possible competitions and not even competing!

So, really, it’s all about how you choose to utilize your time and your money. There’s no right or wrong.