how to get into nationals...?

(angryskills) #1

i was wondering how well u have to do at a regionals in order to qualify for nats?


(Owen) #2

Place in the top five in your region OR petition.


You have to qualify from a regional contest to compete. This means getting top 5. Not too sure on the logistics on that part. Even if you aren’t qualified to compete, you can petition to get a spot in prelims (though I’m not sure what goes into that)

(angryskills) #4

does it HAVE to be ur own regionals?



No, each Regional qualifies players to Nationals as follows:

1st place in region: Seeded to National Final

2nd - 5th in region: Qualified to National Semi-Final
1st - 5th overall: Qualified to National Semi-Final

The placings may overlap so 5-10 players qualify for Nationals at each Regional.

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how long are regionals finals and nats semi finals?



both are two minutes


I wonder if texas states counts

(Steve Brown) #9

That’s a state contest, not a regional.

(angryskills) #10

did u go to Texas state?


Yeah I got second in open I was the guy who threw 4a


Being from Texas, I’d insert a way-too-proud Texas joke here if I could think of one.


Because if Texas were a region there would be to many seeded players