Who here is competing at Nationals?


I will be competing in 1A and 3A and it’s my first time going! Who else is competing?


Want to. I live in Arizona which is pretty close. Maybe I will.


You have to place top 5 in a Regional contest to compete at nationals.


Yeah I do 4A and last year only a few people competed but who knows maybe there will be more?


Or you could petition

(major_seventh) #6

I’ve heard it’s very unlikely to be picked through a petition.


unlikely? It just depends on how good you are/how you have been in competitions. Unlikely is a loose term

(Former National 4A Champion) #8

That’s like saying it’s unlikely make it through prelims. It all depends on your previous placements.

I’ll be competing in 4a and 5a. I’ve petitioned for 1a as well.


Awesome! 4A and 5A are going to be so competitive, with Zac, Sean, you, Nak, Bryan, Ian, Ben, etc. and for 5A with Chase, Bryan, Jake, Tyler, Miggy, etc. It’s going to be a good year!


3a and 4a. I feel like I’ve got more of a shot at doing well in 3a though. Haven’t been practicing 4a much.


You’re going to nationals? Sweet man, I’ll see you there.

(Former National 4A Champion) #12

I’m guessing 4a Bryan is Bryan Fig and 5a Bryan is Bryan J. I’ll be interested to see how BJ stacks up against the US.

Did you forget Sam Scott, or is he not competing? If he is, that will be the first time Jake faces Sam since worlds 2013.

(Owen) #13

I think 4A is gonna be the most competitive X division. Im really excited for that cause it’s gonna be great.