Nationals petition help

I may be going to nationals this year. I did not qualify for 1a prelims at NER or any other regional contest, so I will have to petition in order to compete in 1a.
Here is the petition form -

Obviously I would put my recent 1a contest placements, but what else? Should I list other division placements too? What should I give besides contest placements?

I’m going to ask the NYYL, but I just thought I would open up the discussion here.

I would definitely list your high placements from other divisions too, because they all go together to show the caliber of player you are. The fact you’re a sponsored player will probably have some weight too, so make sure to include that.


anyone else?

Bribe money ::slight_smile:

Chimera has hit the nail on the head here. I can’t imaging you’ll need to include more than your previous contest placements and the fact that you’re sponsored by a well known company. :slight_smile:

Although Raigo has a point… a bribe probably would help… :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides a bribe, do you think anything non-yoyo related would help?

Other skill toys you’ve done maybe?

I chat with stuarttw a lot and I know you are his brother. So, I have seen tons of videos of you and your brother and I think you would do well at nats. I would list all of your accomplishments, especially for 4A 2013 Worlds Finals qualification, to show how much of a high quality player you are. May I suggest your try 4A? You seem to be doing better in that style than 1A. It’s up to you though.

Heh heh. No need to petition for 4a. I’m already seeded to finals. I want to do both 1a as well, but I didn’t qualify, so i have to petition. I plan on doing 5a as well just for fun, but I don’t need to petition for that.

I’d stick strictly to yoyo. You’ve placed very high in both 4a and 1a and I personally think tht would be enough. Players lower-placing than you have made it in before so I honestly think your 4a record alone would suffice and you also have a very nice 1a record so that will probably be enough.

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Why don’t you just PM Steve Brown through the forum? Or contact Thad at Birdinhand in Chico where the Contest is held?

So your answers will be ‘Answer’ answers and not let the guys guess for you answers?

Just a thought or two


Is Steve one of the organizers?


If you have any questions at all about Nationals or the National YoYo League, please email league(at)nationalyoyo(dot)org.

That address goes to me, Thad Winzenz, Andreé Boulay, and Nathan Crissey, and guarantees you’ll get a timely response.

I’m not specifically involved in organizing Nationals this year but I am one of the people responsible for the National YoYo League.

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Just wanted to bump this and say congrats to Philip for making the cut at Nationals - Good luck this weekend!

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Thanks! They actually posted the results after I left for NY States, so the first time I learned about it was when Adam Schultz congratulated me.

Can’t wait to meet you

Congratulations man! Hope you do well and most of all, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Congrats on getting in! I wish I petitioned, but I didn’t know I was going to have enough cash to make it to nationals until it was too late. It’s whatever though. I’ll get to meet you and hang out :smiley: