chico yoyo 2014


I want to compete in the 2014 national yoyo contest and i am 11. I have made some cool freestyle tricks but i was wondering if kids can compete in the freestyle division? Also I was wondering how long the music should be?

Agyoyo :slight_smile:


To compete at Nats you have to have a seed or petition. Petitioning involves telling the contest organizers why you should be allowed to compete and you must give your contest history. The contest organizers will then select who from the petitioned players can compete in prelims. There will be an option to petition when you register for Nats. Best of luck to you!
Edit: prelims is 1 minute and finals is 3 minutes.


Unfortunately there may not be any petitions this year


Interesting. Will there be more people in finals then?


It just depends on if all of the seeded players sign up. Only 4 people out of the 70+ who petitioned were allowed to compete in nationals anyways. It didn’t really add a lot of people to the competition.