California state


I have two questions that relate to this contest. #1. do you have to win a reginal contest to be able to compete in this. and #2. if you place within the top whatever players ini your division do you go to Nationals?


No, and i think whoever comes first overall is in Nationals automatically.


okay, i’m just double checking the answer to #1. is no and the answer to #2. is correct on that part.


Yeah…I think so on number 2. Im not sure for all of the divisions, but 1a, yeah.

(VincentD) #5
  1. You don’t need to qualify for a state contest.
  2. CA does not qualify anyone for Nats, only for BAC.


are you sure?

(VincentD) #7

Yes, you can compete at a State OR Regional contest without placing at another contest, but if you place top 5 at a state contest you are seeded into the finals of a regional contest. Placing top 5 in a regional contest lets you compete at Nats.


The Order is this without prelims:

  1. State

  2. Regionals


  1. Inter. Open or Worlds IDK

(Yin) #9

Just keep in mind because a lot of people have decided to compete now a days in order to weed out the people who will freestyle and the people who will do trapeze variations for 3 minutes there is usually a 1 minute prelim.



California states at SF doesn’t have prelims.

We’re lucky. Are you going?