Do you follow a wish list?

Do you stick to it? Does it include color? I’m asking because a few weeks ago I created a wish list that mostly dealt with specialty yoyo’s. Next on my list is something good at grinds, and maybe a wood. When the Hummingbird drop came along last week it was soooo hard to resist. I really wanted that emerald with gold bands, but what does a newbie need with a competition yoyo? Nothing. It would probably be a travesty for someone like me to buy a yoyo like that.

Anyway, are you a detailed planner when it comes to yoyo purchases or is it more of “see it, want it, grab it”? Do you hold off for the color you want? There are three yoyos in stock that I want but refuse to buy because I don’t like the available colors.


It’s better not to asociate skill level with certain yoyos. I personally don’t follow a certain wish list, but I don’t buy many yoyos.


All of the above.

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It’s not a travesty, or so I keep telling myself.
From one noob to another do what makes you happy. If that is buying a competition yoyo do it!
Just be financially sensible :slight_smile:

For your reference right bought one and I am 2 month and a bit in.


I would love to follow a Wish list.

The first thing on my wish list would be that>

I wish I could buy one of everything.

…The good news; I think; is that nowadays there are so many excellent quality performance level yoyos. At so many price points; that getting a great playing yoyo is much closer to achievable; than the wish factor.

Personally; I am not very fond of ‘wish and hope’.

But the honest reality of life is that without wishes and hoping; the world would suck even more than it does.

I am Always 1 yoyo short of a full deck.

I wish I could explain this better.

I hope you understand.



I grok you, doc.

I suffer from the affliction of being in “color moods” and “shape moods” a lot of the time, which is to say I will be “in the mood for a red V” or “in the mood for a gold H”, etc. If I don’t have a yoyo of the appropriate color and shape on hand, then I won’t play.

That’s why I strive to have as many of my favorite throws/shapes in as many of my favorite colors as possible.


No time like now. Taste the rainbow friends. And umm…YOLO…hello?:wink:


I tend to never follow a list I dont know why


Does yo-yo come in green?


does it have a every weird design like a dk then…



ummmm… binge and purge anyone?


I’m a yoyobulemic and don’t care who knows


just bring ya scarves!


I don’t have a written list or anything but a mental list. When trading the list is quite large but when purchasing its small.

I often find myself desiring a certain yo-yo. My diligence always pays off. Haven’t had a throw that my patience hasn’t found.

Most recent hunt was for a chief and it happened.

I of course if something rare shows up I probably won’t pass.


I’ve got a wish-list (in a spreadsheet with specs and prices), but I also have guidelines I follow:

  1. No throws over $50
  2. Solid black only
  3. No intrusive engravings/branding

They are a little random, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I confess to breaking rule 2 occasionally, and rule 3 is just based on my opinion. And yes, I’ve passed on throws that I couldn’t find in black. There’s a couple that I know exist in black solids that I’m looking around for.
I’ve yet to see a good enough reason (for me) to break Rule #1. Which is NOT a judgement in any way! I haven’t even tried a high-end throw, so I may be totally missing out. Honestly, it’s just that I throw the darn things, and $50 is what I’m willing to bash around. At that price point, I can throw it like I mean it, every time, over any surface, and not feel sick if it slams into something. But that’s just my dollar figure. For some that’s $300+, for others that may be $5.99. No shame either way.
But for goodness sake, like others have said up-thread, if you can afford it, throw whatever you like!


Wear yo scarf.


it’s flu season…