do you do things last minute?

do you do things last minute??? I sometimes do. now, do you?

Its called procrastination, and that is something I refuse to do, cause I’m too perfect and amazing for that.

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Not if you have more important things to do before hand…

I am terribly good at productive procrastionation, which is when you do productive things instead of what you should be, like doing the dishes when I have homework to do.

I’m in a mixed environment. I book things up to a year in advance and all my plans are based on long-term projections.

My wife, in comparison, plans almost nothing and as a result, wastes loads of time, but as does her family.

On their new years(Tet, they are Vietnamese), they drive to San Jose to meet some friends or family… Anyhow, they weren’t at home. They could have figured this out with a phone call. 2+ hour drive there, 2+ hour drive back. All could have been avoided with a short phone call.

Took the in-laws to Disneyland. Instead of making a phone call, we have to go on a 40 minute “scenic route” to visit a friend to ask a question that could have been handled by a phone call.

I totally get last minute, but to just live without any sort of organization… Life happens, stuff pops up, but last minute all the time? Sorry, no can do.

I always enjoy the ones where a promoter or event organizer waits until the last second and calls me up to bail them out, an I have to charge full pop for it, and then they act like it’s my fault that they didn’t call me, oh, say, 3 months sooner. Sound is always the last to know!


I try not to because anything can happen. I’ve learned a long time ago to do what ever your going to do in the afternoon in the morning, and whatever your going to do at night in the afternoon. Because who knows? Maybe you’ll die or have to get surgery.

As much as I try not to, sometimes, after long periods of following a strict schedule, I just tire out and start doing random and totally unplanned things. Sometimes, one really does need to relax a little.

Things I do last minute

Sometimes Homework
Sometimes Projects

Yes, I start school next monday, I still haven’t finished my summer homework.

I’ll tell you later