Do you all know about these brands?

For example like


Yeah, what about them?

yes but not the last one

Obviously u have heard of them. But have u tried them? I tried them all and i think they make decent yoyos. YYR and Turning Point is made for professional.


Do you need a video on ADEGLE?

Adegele is from Taiwan while Younkee is from china, no? ;D
the advantage of being azn ;D (I’m NOT racist!)
And yeah, Adegele is not bad… Never tried Younkee though.
Yoyorecreations owns almost anything out there. D:
Turning point yoyo’s are awesome, especially Leviathan. ;D
K2J… Never tried either. :-\

Are you the ariq i often see on spinworx forum?
I’m waiting for the adegle sandglass v2. . .

Yeah. Uhm. The Adegle Sandglass v2 is not officially released but is is given free to those in team adegle. But my friend who is not in any team got it by sum1

What’s the point of this thead?

links broken matt

Link works for me O_O
And Jump, just curious because like my Yoyorecreation thread, I think he’s curious why no one says anything about them brands here.

Yeah, i heard they still on prototype stage, thats why i’m waiting.

Because there are many other great yoyo brand comeing from the far east?
IDK, but yeah, very few people talking about these brand here.

What about foxland precision? A good little known of American Company.

yeaps, Foxland. I’d wanna try em. New ones coming out in September or somewhere there eyh?

i dont know about any of these

Not trying to discourage you from posting, but maybe you could try to stick to posting potentially helpful/useful information? By not posting here, we would have figured you didn’t know about them. This cuts down on unnecessary posts. If you think I’m being a jerk or whatever, PM me and we’ll talk.

Honestly, there really aren’t any bad yoyos that are made these days. Heck even the Pocket Pros Zombie is a fantastic yoyo, regardless what people say and had said before its release.