Do we have a standard lableing system for a yoyo. Like cardinal directions?

A yoyo throwin from a gravity pull is currenty sleeping on the end of the string.

              I            <---- yoyo sleeping on a string
              I                     and its spinning away from you as if you thowin it.

When explaining trick help on the forums I often have trouble with simply mentioning sides of the yoyo. So heres the question:

The 3 Axis for the yoyo, X,Y,Z (crazy 3-D world we live in) would be… and Im gonna guess… X= axis along the Axle, Y=Axis along the string, Z= Axis along the rotation of the yoyo.

Whats the “yoyo slang” for the more technical properties of the sleeping yoyo? Do we have anything like that at all? I suppose that we could just use Videos to show eachother how to do tricks and leave out the confusing terms, but go look at the Gyro flops Post I made where I try to help someone learn the trick. Im almost as confused explaining it as the person that posted the topic lol.

Just label it yourself ;D That’s a good idea.


wow that site you linked was VERY helpful. its a bit hard to navigate through but its very thorough.
thank you very much.