do the binds slip on hte 2010 g5

same as title

Not if you’re binding correctly and the pads are still good. How long have you had this G5? Have you replaced the response at all?

i dont have it yet i was wondering cause i am going to get it

I have one and haven’t thrown it a lot but I’ve given it moderate attention. I got it in August I think ??? But it does slip quite a bit. Im thinking I just need new pads though. It doesn’t slip bad enough to make it a poor throw you just have to be a little more precise with your binds. I kinda like it being more unresponsive than responsive. I hate the z-stacks though. It plays so much better without them ;D

Not if you do it right.

Silicone helps, though.


No, and if they do you’re doing it wrong.

The g5 has pretty tight binds