Do not waste your time with 'Jonah6465'

(Shaneola) #1

I will break this down into several crappy things he did to me, each numbered.

  1. He offers me $50 for my skyline. I said ok and gave him my paypal, he says “Oh man I just forgot, I don’t have $50 I only have $30.”

  2. I said no and so he offered me an 888 and $15, I said ok and it was basically done. He keeps texting me non stop asking me the condition and everything over and over and keeps changing his mind, like now he decided he isn’t gonna give the stacks and that he’s only gonna give 10 dollars instead of 15.

  3. We worked all that out, then all the sudden he started telling me that the only way he would trade (He has zero feedback, I have 28 combined from 2 forums, all positive.) is if he sent the yoyo then I sent the yoyo, then he sent the money. It is pretty obvious that he was trying to scam me out of my $15, as if I was gonna destroy my rep on the forums for an 888 and $15…I would never do that.

  4. We worked all that out, he finally said he would ship and send money at the same time…more price changing…etc. etc. Then he’s like “Oh by the way are you sure you want the 888 because it’s a small bearing so I don’t think you want that.” Like he’s trying to get out of it again.

  5. I said I still want it. I wake up this morning to this exact text…“This is Jonah’s mom and dad he got a bad grade so the deal is off.” I said no, that is complete crap you are trying to get out of it because I wouldn’t let you scam me out of $15. He texts back “I was kidding” I said no you were not kidding, that’s garbage.

  6. He says we are doing the deal again…more of telling me he wants to pay less, and now he says he has to wait for the payment to come when he told me he already had it earlier. Then, he goes on my bst and finds a new yoyo he wants and starts offering me crappy yoyos for it and telling me that I’m being ridiculous because I won’t accept his crappy offer.

  7. More trying to tell me that he’s gonna give me the yoyo and no money and stuff like that and I keep saying no…no messages for like a couple hours then I get this. “I just asked my friend about the deal and he said it is not fair so the deal is off.”

We spent like 2 days talking and sent 130 messages back and forth and then he just backs out because I wouldn’t let him scam me. I don’t know how old he is but he is incredibly immature. Do not waste your time like I did.


Jonah6465, Johan081, Johan061…connection?


Sorry who was the “Immature” one again?? I lost track.

(Shaneola) #4

I don’t know what you mean by that comment. But if you’re implying that it is me I don’t really know why you are saying that. The trader feedback is a section where you can warn other traders of who they should and should not try to work with and that is what I did.


Sounds like “Jonah” is around 5 years old. Wouldn’t trade with him if I were you guys.


Nope, different people.


I wouldnt bst with him, but some of the things u said i found a lil immature, but after going over it again, he sounds like a six yr old, sorry if i offended you in any way with my reply.

(Shaneola) #8

Dude don’t sweat it, we don’t have no damage.