be careful, he asked me to send 10 more dollars than the amount advertised and got upset when I told him that was a sketchy move, he then tried to guilt me into buying from him by saying “I must be too good of a person to buy from a beginner”

I’ve been right about scammers in the past and I feel like it’s the right thing to do to just let people know he might be dishonest. I offered to pay him the 10 extra if he’ll send first and he was not down.

Not saying he’s definitely a scammer or anything, just might be a kid with a weird way of doing business. I’d say to be safe have him send first.

This is what he just sent me… So weird hahahaha. Never bought a Yoyo and resold it for more money, ever. I highly recommend being careful with this guy.

He’s been sending me multiple angry messages after that for no logical reason. Says I’m disrespecting him.
No honest seller would get this angry, don’t deal with this guy at all…

What’s the username here? I can’t find a member w/that name.

I think he’s taking about this guy:;u=32879

Yeah that guy. I hope he knows he could redeem himself by just offering to ship first. It’s not an uncommon request for someone with no feedback. The fact he got so angry was just too weird.,92764.0.html
He definitely does not seem to be a typical YYE Forums user. We should stay away from dealing with this guy for now until the issue is resolved.