do chicks dig yo-yos?

so do the hot chicks dig throwing? or are they like- “that kid with a yoyo is a nerd”

anyone ever got a date from throwing or compliments from a hot girl?

just wondering ;D

Yes, girls dig yoyo’s…and who cares what the “stuckup” chicks think anyway. They are superficial and their opinion doesn’t matter in society!

I figure I might as well add this…

only the hottest chicks…the ugly one’s not so much…

No Duh Chicks dig yoyoing

You obviously didn’t see this


those little ducks just made my day

Of course they do!! But you are bound to run into some “stuckup” ones but like XminusmikeX said… they don’t matter

I’ll just add some more videos for ya

That is too epic bro

The chick I married doesn’t dig yoyos. She treats them with a kind of benign neglect and sometimes rolls her eyes. Which is fine because, though I’ve always liked yoyoing, it’s not all I am. In my experience, “chicks” don’t “dig” anything which makes you come off as one-dimensional or self-involved. If that’s how you are about yoyoing, it’s a fair bet that few girls (or guys) would find you interesting. If yoyoing is just one of many interesting things you do, who wouldn’t dig that?


They will if yoyoing is not the only thing that you can do. :slight_smile:

mine hot chick can yoyo. she can even 2a an spintop. lol. neenerneener neeener

most of the hot girls in most school are stuck up… too bad

Ann is totally awesome. chillen with her at Va states is fun. Did anyone notice when she yoyoed she pointed her left foot up?

Elly is an amazing girl to talk to :slight_smile: i always have fun skyping with her :slight_smile:

girls at my school crowd me to watch and think its cool they dont mind it but im not sure if its thier fave thing and its gotten me girls :wink:

All of these young ladies are beautiful…and they can all yoyo better than me….

Women or girls…do not like anything that might divert your full attention away from them…be it yoyos or video games…etc…just as they view each other as competition for a man… it’s in the DNA……


My wife is a pretty hot chick and she gives me compliments all the time! Does that count?
She also thinks i’m a nerd too!!!

dude as long as your getting the hot chicks it doesnt matter how nerdy you are :slight_smile:

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