do chicks dig yo-yos?

well thats new… yoyoing in heels ;D

My rawr Alda likes yoyos!
^ ^


May i say how dumb this thread is? seriously, most girls don’t care. don’t do it too much or else you become the “yoyo guy” and it is hard to break away from. when you are about to break away from it, someone brings it up and everyone remembers. Ed is right as always. A vast majority of girls don’t want you to yoyo all the time. in fact, most girls don’t like yo-yoing. some are chill and like it (stoners), but others will define you by it, and if they don’t like yo-yoing, it doesn’t mean they are stuck up, it means they just don’t want you to yoyo all the time.

even if girls like yo-yoing and think it is cool, there is a big chance that they think of you as the yoyo guy and not as the trait that they want.

I like yo-yos, and I’m a girl.
Not that it gets my friends who are girls to talk to me more…so maybe it must only be cool when guys do it.
It is great to color coordinate yo-yos with your outfits hehe.

cool videos all of them.

That is the definition of win ^^

taking notes raph? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it

i burst out laughing!

is alda your girlfriend josh?

Its more of a bonus, girls think its another awesome factor. This bonus goes both ways. Although, I’ve turned more heads than male yoyoers LOL

Oh my god, I know right?

totally serious

If I’m wearing black, I need a black yoyo etc.