Do anyone have anything to say about the L3 from Audley ?

I just feled over this yoyo and I really want to hear if any of u out there havee anything to say. now i am using a dv888

Its really smooth. Bout as smooth as a Dv888. My friend had lots of trouble getting it to sleep, but its fine now. If you replace the pads and clean the bearing, its a good yoyo. The Hubstacks are also really cool. If your looking for an upgrade from the Dv, then dont get the l3. If your looking for a fun yoyo that is pretty much on par with a Dv, get an l3.

the L3 is a great yoyo
i have one, fantastic and really smooth.

light, very fast, but not as stable as the DV888, but play much wider IMO.

The L3 is a great yoyo. I loved that it was small and fast.

Never tried one, but I do have something to say about this thread and the wrong section it’s in. :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!