are these good

Is the audley L3 and the josy ann proto good does any body own them

The L3 I have only good things about. Brian(Apetrunk) had one, he can tell you all about it.

Don’t know bout the Josy Ann Proto, but I’m sure it’s great.

The L3 is amazing. My favorite metal ever. Super smooth. I love the shape. (Preference though. If it looks good to you and you find one, go for it!)

I never try the josy ann, but i only heard good things from ILYY, the only yoyo from them ive ever tried is the lio, which is very, very awsome. And im sure josy ann is awsome also. You might find a review of it somewhere.

And i do have an L3, its great.
Undesize, very fast.
Its a really good yoyo, even though its not my best throw because i prefer fullsize yoyo. But i will never want to let go my L3.

Back to your prefrence then.

Hope this help.

I can tell you that nearly every YoYo from ILYY is extraordinary. It’s hard to find a better alternative!
Nevertheless the L3 is great too. If you search something cheap get the L3, but if you don’t fear to spend a bit more money definitely get the Josy Ann!