DNA Bearing Help


Hey everyone,

I just got a YYF DNA the other day. Its been a long time since I actually tried yo-yoing but I can still pull off most of the advanced tricks and can do the advanced tricks, I’m just a little rusty. So, before I bought this yo-yo, I thought I could do binds pretty well.

I thought wrong… The gap is so big in this yo-yo I couldn’t even bind it even if I did it twice or even three times! So I switched out the bearing to the other one that came with it (the half SPEC bearing). I can bind a lot better with this one since it gives the yo-yo a smaller gap, but why is it so hard to do with the full sized one?

Also, (sorry this is so long) the half SPEC bearing came without shields or c-clips. Is it okay to use the bearing like this? I’m afraid of getting it dirty.

Thanks in advance!


maybe with the regular bearing the gap it is big and you may not have a big enough loop going in the gap try making the loop that you thread in the gap bigger

and yes i use my bearing with out shields but dirt can get in then you would have to clean it


Yup. The full SPEC is wider so you have to put more string into the gap for a bind to get it to return like it should.

Play without shields all you want. The only problem is that you do have a higher chance of getting dirt in there, but usually that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a cleaning.


For wider gaps, you basically just need to pull the bind harder into the gap, you can’t just drop the loop into the gap, you really have to throw it.

And yes, its okay to use the bearing like that, just clean it if it starts spinning badly.


I have been doing that, but it never seems to work. I can even bind it two to three times and it still won’t catch. I just end up with a knot because I’ve tried binding it that many times.

Do the bearings come dry? Should I try to add some lube to make it slightly more responsive? I still want to play with it unresponsive though. So will thin lube work?


Don’t forget to do backspin binds. When you are throwing a sleeper, do a trapeze bind. If you did a breakaway, do a braintwister bind. That seems to be your problem. If you are throwing it hard and doing backspin binds, you shouldn’t have any problems. Work on your technique, just practice.

And I’m not sure about if it comes with lube, but adding thin lube won’t make it that much more responsive. It will spin slower, so it will be less responsive, but not noticably. Use thick lube if you need to, just a drop.


dont worry bout it, When i bought my DNA my half spec ame without shields n c clips aswell.


Even if I bind it opposite of the spin, it still doesn’t return. I guess I just have to practice my binds.


Yup, practice makes perfect.


I agree. To practice your form, I think purchasing a plastic yoyo and practicing with it for a while would be better.