DMII with Trifecta Bearing?


Has anybody tried this combination? I’m thinking of getting one of these bearings and this is my current best yoyo.


I’m sure it wouldn’t suck. Go for it. I love bearings.




I dont see how it could turn out worse, go for it!


I did. And it was awesome! Go for it!

The only reason I say ‘did’ (past-tense), is because I got a I<3YY and OD Sakura. And I’ve even using that with my trifecta.


DMII with Trifecta Bearing? - Sure. Why not.


Very good for beginners, so why not…


Are you being sarcastic?
If you are, I dont know anyway he could go wrong. Its GOING to make it better. Maybe not by a lot, maybe by lightyears…


I’m running that combo and its a champ. You will love it


I got 5 DM2s and all have Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings in them. It’s what I prefer in them. I’ve tried other stuff in my DM2’s and I have found the Wing Cuts work the best for me. Flat bearings are the next best according to my experience

I say use whatever bearing you want.

HOWEVER: Use Dry Play! It really does help a ton!