Regular yyj speed
Yyj responsive
Center track
10 ball

dont have a dm2 but 10 balls are GREAT…id go with it

Alot of people are going to tell you that the 10 ball is best.

Because it is. It eliminates most vibe and is dead smooth.

Next best thing would be a Dif-E-Yo KK.

The YYJ Speed bearing is actually a great bearing. It’s a 10-ball flat bearing, just like the One Drop offering, and has similar build quality. I wouldn’t bother swapping it.

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I’m a fan of the Centre Trac because it helps (albeit, only a little bit) keep the string off those rather high walls. That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the stock SPEED bearing.


For center track bearings, I like the Twisted trifecta in my DM2 (when I use it). But like everyone else says, the stock bearings is not “bad”. In fact I used the stock for months before switching over.

Did u guys mean the one drop 10 ball or the twisted trifecta?

I have Terrapin X steel wing cut 8-ball bearings in all 4 of my DM2’s and they all play absolutely the best with that configuration in my opinion. I just got some 8-ball wing cut ceramics, so I’m contemplating swapping those into the DM2’s.

What’s best is a matter of preferences. Ain’t nothing wrong with what your preferences are.

Something came out called the Center Trac X that has 10 balls.