DM2 Unresponsive Mod

I’m greatly thinking about making my DM2 unresponsive by removing the responsive stickers on it. A couple questions before I do so though…

  1. Is it worth it?
  2. Can I put the stickers back on?
  3. Will my yoyo spin longer
  4. How do I take off the stickers of the Dark Magic 2

Do not remove the response. What you need is a clean spec bearing. If you take out the response, your yoyo will not return at all, nor will you be able to throw it properly.

Just put the bigger bearing that it came with in that’s all you have to do

This ^

Your DM2 should have come with the bearing you need. All you have to do is take out the one that came in it and replace it with the unresponsive one.

DM2’s come with two bearings, one thin which is what is comes with, and a thick regulars size C. Put the regular C in and boom instant unresponsive.

I think in another thread, he said he lost it. :-\

Yes I have lost the extra bearing

Not worth it! dont take the response out of your DM2!
if you lost the large C bearing that came with your DM2,
then some how, some way, in any shape or form, you would some how have to obtain a bearing from the store or some other “places.” cough cough

Is that the only yoyo you have? Maybe you can swap bearings with another yoyo while you try and obtain another bearing for the dm2. You could probably remove one response and clean the narrow bearing if you are desperate.

Removing the response wont really help… binds will become very slippy and itjustwont work. If u dont have any other unresponsive yoyos ur bestbet is to probably order a new bearing off of this site

A proper response system is as important on the initial throw as on the return. It is needed to impart spin to the yoyo on the initial throw. Without it, the yoyo will literally fall off the string.

  1. ABOSOLUTELY NOT! Your yoyo will no longer bind, and it will render your DM2 useless, other then a paperweight.

  2. Possibly, if the adhesive on the pads manages to stick with the pad rather then the yoyo. Its like a 50/50 chance youll be able to, so i wouldn’t mess with the pad.

  3. NO! It will spin less.

  4. DONT DO IT!

Purchase a full C sized bearing. Here are your options that i recommend. Im sorry, but if you want an unresponsive DM2, youll need a new bearing.

Also, NO LUBE IS NEEDED!!! You might make your yoyo responsive again!  It has to be the  size C! It has to be the large size C or SPEED SPEC X

I do not recommend any grooved or concaved bearings out there, in my experience, its just a burden of budled up strings and a more steep price (for example, konkave, twisted trifecta, crucial grooved) And even if im an avid fan of yoyofactory, DO NOT BUY the center trac bearing. It is very prone to locking up and breaking.

What??? The response in all yoyos is the key for it to come back, never do that unless it has little stickers or something, not silicone.

This is the second topics about a DM2 being responsive or wanting it to be responsive.

Did you get a Big and Small bearing with it? Just put the big (thick) one in.

He lost the bigger bearing.
He needs to buy a new one.
No need to mod; just replace some parts.

How do you know?? Did he mention it? I didn’t see that he lost it. Forgive me of I’m not seeing well ::).

EDIT* Found it ::).

Ok, to summon it up.

He has LOST his big C bearing, and is trying to make his DM2 unresponsive another way. It WAS unresponsive because he was using Graphite as lube. He got some on the response and now it is responsive. He wants to make it unresponsive.

The answer, buy one of the bearings Supbreh mentioned.