DM2 or Severe

Which one do u guys think is better?
I bought a dm2 as it had lots of positive comments all over different sites and YouTube .
But, I have heard severe could do better than dm2…

About the only thing the Severe could do better than the DM2 in my opinion is not be a good fit for me. These are two very different yoyos. I will say that the Severe is designed to handle modern tricks better than the DM2 can, as the DM2 is simply an older design. I really like the DM2 a lot. For me, the Severe was simply not an ideal fit for me. I am fortunate that I was able to play one before the thought of even considering buying one.

Please note what I am saying is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Severe. It’s a matter of preferences.

Better? That’s always a hot button topic. I am heavily biased towards the DM2 and it’s great at what it does. I’m going to have to say that, assuming one or the other or both meets your preferences, the Severe’s shape and features that give it an edge. The Severe is obviously oriented around 1A and 5A, where as the DM2 is more 1A/3A/5A solid performer but nothing amazing by today’s standards. The inside shape of the Severe lends itself better to horizontal play. The new Severe is delrin so it’s going to do better with finger and arm grinds, and while IRG’s are possible, it’s not ideal for it since there’s no lip/ring, if I recall correctly, where as the DM2, with the cap out, does have an IRG ring on it.

The DM2 can go from responsive to unresponsive play, but I don’t thing this is a good A/B comparison issue because the Severe is unresponsive only. At this level, odds are not in favor of wanting a responsive yoyo anyways.

I’ve read on the forums some issues with taking apart the yoyo in regards to the Severe. I have to wonder though how many of those issues are “operator errors” and not due to design flaws. I am leaning towards “operator error”, but they do have the tight bearing seat issues.

It’s ultimately up to you and your likes and preferences. The Severe is a good yoyo, no question in my mind. It’s too bad the Severe didn’t work well with my preferences is the only bad thing I can say about it, which basically equates to “there’s really nothing bad about this yoyo”.

The DM2 has been around for a while and with good reason. That said, it is starting to show it’s age and isn’t really suited for the horizontal tricks that are becoming more and more popular (for better or for worse but that’s a discussion for another day). The Severe handles the horizontals much better due to the shape but doesn’t have the same oomph and solid feel of the DM2 on the end of the string. Studio42 prefers the DM2, I lean more towards the Severe. They’re both fantastic throws and great bang for your buck.


Alternatively, get a Rally. It’s better than both of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually got for a Severe in this situation. Never liked the DM2, don’t like highwalls.

I love 1a and 5a…
Which would be better in this case?

The Severe would be the way to go. Again, the shape is designed around today’s competitive trends and requirements, so it’s definitely the way to go.

Of the two, unless the Severe doesn’t work with your preferences, the Severe has many technical advantages over the DM2 and it’s going to be the better fit for you and your requirements.