dm vs. pgm in grinds

I’ve had my dm and pgm for a while and they’re both supposed to be ammazing grinders so im goin to break it down into the different types of grinds and see which is better

Arm Grinds: my dm is great for arm grinds! maybey cause its heavy and wide but its really sabale
and with my pgm i think it just slips too much

Palm Grinds/ Finger Grinds: my pgm wins hands down the only way my dm can even compete with it is if i lube the whole body before every grind and i dont do it to my pgm

Thumb Grinds: dm mostly cause i can fit my thumb in the ridge whereas with my pgm the hubstacks are in the way

thats pretty much it and btw this is my first review so constructive criticism is ok

Can you spell properly? I can’t read what you wrote. :slight_smile:

Anyways, good grind review.

im sorry :-[ i wasn’t a good typer to begin with and i only had like 5 minutes so uh ya… that might be why the review was hard to read. i also didn’t proofread it and that might be a factor in the messyness

Hmm… my DM does palm/finger grinds pretty well.

Anyway, good first review! As far as I can see, the only thing you need is to improve the appearance of the review. Other than that, everything’s A-okay.

weight am i missing something??? because with my pgm its like way hard to do the thumb grinds. . . and it doesent have a good thumb grind, im confused. ??? ???

I also have both, and I agree on all of that except the arm grinds. PGM wins.

Missing something? He said that it is hard to thumb grind with his PGM. I don’t even know what a finger grind looks like. Or a palm grind. If it’s what I think it is, the palm grind is easy.

ya, palm grinds are easy, but they look cool to non yoyoers and they really test the surface of the yoyo (beadblast, anodizing, metal jacket)