DIY string - spin again in opposite direction?

Hey everyone,
After getting back into yoyos I am burning through strings very quickly. I decided to try making my own.

After attaching the threads to the two anchor points and spinning you then fold the string over. I’ve seen some people then use a drill to spin in the opposite direction. Others do not spin a second time. They just fold the string over and then let go. When I do this I get nothing but knots. Other people say that when you let go the string wraps around itself, creating the finished string - not mine. I have to use the drill again and spin in reverse. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Also, what thread weight is generally used? I’ve been experimenting with 40wt. And 50wt.

You’re doing it the right way.

So why do some people not reverse spin after doubling over? If it works for them - how?

Less spin and always keep the string tensioned.
But I found that spinning more and then spin for the second time actually make better strings that feels “full” and have weight on it, instead of rather thin and flimsy.

I currently have my rig setup to contract the initial thread length by 15%. I’ll try to spin less like 5% and 10% this evening and see what happens.

I have noticed (maybe this is placebo) if I spin it down to around 12% the finished string retains some springiness. If I go over 15% the finished string has almost no stretch(springiness) at all.

Does anyone know what thread YYSLAB is using? I was hooked on the X and Ammo but it frays apart so easily - I want to avoid using whatever thread they use. It’s great string and feels very forgiving on the hands but man after an hour I’m ready for a fresh string.

That toxic dragon is good but it really doesn’t want to stay on the finger.