Whenever I play with my brother’s non-responsive yoyo (The Legacy), the sting unwinds, (I’m left handed) and I just bought a speedmaker for myself and Im kinda worried I won’t be able to do much with it. :’( So please help!

It’s supposed to unwind when you throw it, that’s what makes it spin.

Are you sure? Cuz whenever I see people do it right handed in gets tighter.

EDIT: And how do I reverse it if possible?

OHHHHH, you mean it gets looser. For left handed people its should get looser. Just do a split bottom mount, then drop the string on your non throw hand and pull the middle string to your right with your non throw hand. Or you could grap a part of the string not too far from the yoyo, pop it up, and pull to the right. You should see the string start spinning around the yoyo, that means it’s tightning.

Awesome, thanks! That makes me feel a lot better about buying my speedmaker… ;D

thats my favorite string tension trick :slight_smile: