is there any discount codes people know of…i find yoyoing very fun but i find it very expensive and even a dollar discount code would be epic to help a fellow yoyoer

You could try to win a stick it click it send it contest. The winner gets a 25$ gift card.


Watch for sales around various holidays or events.

Hit up the BST’s for some killer discounts.

how do i hit him up

Here ya go…

Buy / Sell / Trade

Hit’em all up.

Yoyoing is as expensive as you make it. A good plastic, a tube of silicone for when the response needs to be replaced and some bulk string is all you’ll ever really need for 1A. You can pretty much set yourself up for years of throwing for less than the price of one new video game. Or you can fill all your rooms with yoyos and have tons of string hanging everywhere like I do.


yeeeeep, get one of those ol’ replay pros, 100 pack of string, and some lubricant and you should be set for everything you need to make tricks!

You don’t even need lube imo. I run my bearings dry. Lube just tends to cause problems for me. I would get a bottle of acetone instead of lube so you can clean ur bearing when it gets loud or gritty and then just let er run dry. And you don’t need acetone for a while anyways so just get that when you need it down the road. :+1::v:️:grin: