dismount from atomic bomb help

hello, i was watching the video of doing the atomic bomb. how does andre dismount from it? i have no idea how he does it. from the video, it starts at 2:20 to the end. im pretty positive im doing the atomic bomb right as i can do several iterations, but the only way i know how to dismount is to just drop my index finger from my throw hand and then it sometimes binds. any help or video would be nice. thanks!

You know when you do atomic bomb, and then after each repetition of atomic bomb, it ends in a split bottom mount WITH wraps of string on you throwhand pointer finger, right? You drop the wraps. And there you go, a basic front mount. You flip off the basic front mount and bind.

While doing atomic bomb, you are switching between a splot bottom mount and a slightly different brain twister mount… All you have to do is drop the mount( either one, not carelessly) and bind if necessary .

Start with a Split Bottom mount. Then just drop your throwhand pointer. That’s it, a basic front mount.

What you saw in Andre’s video that amazed you was the dismount of the basic front mount.

Split bottom mount->Atomic Bomb Reps->Basic Front mount->Dismount->Bind

something i do is simply drop everything. that’s not a trick i do a lot anymore, but dropping everything should do the trick as well.

I think his aim is for a cooler dismount…

lol fair enough

Use ripcord to dismount from any trick involving the split bottom mount. Just swing the yoyo twice towards you and release your right index finger.

after i’ve wrapped my finger a couple times i basically pull my left finger out and swing the yoyo backwards over and over till it unwinds then toss it in the air and basically catch it into a forward facing trapeze which allows me to go into other tricks or simply bind.