Hey Guyz~

I had my first major bump on my main, thr DV888.
I wonder did u guyz had ever bumped your favorite yoyo? What is the yoyo?

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(M.DeV1) #2

Like a ding or mark? Sure plenty of them.


What is the yoyo? Hmmmmm. That, my friend, is a philosophical question.


My code 2 is still mint so I’m fine ;D



When this little kid dinged my mint burning ember code 2. (I mentally killed him in a very painful way)

haha, but I have learned from my mistakes and will not lend you a prized yoyo (over a hard surface) if you do not have a case with some mint yoyos.

Btw; you may want to rename the thread, Dings


I’ve actually never dinged a yoyo since my DV888. Since then, I’ve managed to keep a Supernova, Addiction, Quark and Yuuksta mint. :slight_smile: