Is there any way to repair dings?

not really. You can satin it, which takes off the ano. but there’s no real repair like a hole filler.
And even satining won’t get rid of a lot of dings. most are too deep to get rid of without removing a significant amount of material.
Just deal with them and move on. they happen.

Sand it down when you can no longer grind with it but for now…

Yes, its called dinging your yoyo more.

Good one.

Make it all one big continuous ding!

Can someone explain the Satin part? I’m considering a trade with someone who has a One Drop Y Factor and the middle is satin or whatever they call it I guess they custom did that for whatever reason, what does that mean, what does that do, what effect does it have on the play?


And no it doesn’t affect play really.

satining is removing the anodization or paint. It basically just means making it raw metal.
It’s supposed to improve grinds, and give it the look of raw metal. Also it can “repair” small scratches and such. Also if you’re getting custom ano or paint work done, some modders want you to send it to them satined.

The Y Factor has those little grooves going down the middle, so would it remove those little grooves in it?

umm… well that really depends on how much the grind ground it down. If he sanded it too much, then it could wear down the grooves. Ask him if they’re still there.